The process of drawing and painting from a reference is my attempt toward a deeper understanding the subject matter, creating a physical symbol of what I am attempting to connect with and call attention to it. This process also comes with an understanding of my own limitations. Using a ball point pen and ink wash, my process lines are never removed and (for me) gives the work an honesty as well as fluid and gestural nature.

Currently my focus is on illustrating historical comics. I am always pushing my self to evolve my technique, the study of history gives me guide lines for telling a story and learning about the past. From an aethetic perspective, my work has been focusing on creating scenes using traditional perspective drawing and the relationship implied time through sequential art.


Thom DeLair has been making comics for 19 years: current works include  PLAW, The Development Committee, and A Brief History of White Folks. Completing a degree in Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University in 2007, he moved to Pittsburgh and has been an active part of the city's art and nonprofit community. Comics and illustration have remained his primary medium, but as also explored art video, performance, and public art.

He is a founding organizer for the Pittsburgh Zine Fair and has worked as a teaching artist for Moving the Lives of Kids Mural program, Assemble: Arts and Technology Space, and Literary Arts Boom. In 2012 he completed a second degree in Studio Arts at the University of Pittsburgh.